By Drain Doctor Guildford & Basingstoke on 16/08/2017

This photo illustrates an amateur attempt to unblock a drain with a rod leading to a damaged pipe which will need replacing, an extra cost!


Well of course you can, but before you rush off to the nearest merchants please bear the following in mind.

So often we have attended to clear a blockage only to find abandoned rods in the line that are now exacerbating the problem and, in most cases, simply pushing the problem further down the line.  This could mean additional time and costs in trying to remove both the rods and the blockage.

Maybe you were successful the first time, but did you find the cause of the blockage?

You may have removed a bundle of paper or the dreaded wet wipes, but why did they stick in the first place?  Is there a broken or displace joint, root intrusion or a build up of scale?  You might find yourself having to keep clearing these blockages more often than you expected.

That’s why at Drain Doctor we always use high pressure water jetting.  Any plumber will tell you that’s the only real way to successfully clear a drain.  In addition we always include a CCTV check with every clearance to ensure the job has been done properly.  That’s why we issue a 30 day guarantee for peace of mind.

The check helps us identify any underlying problems which our technicians can show you on the camera monitor, whilst offering advice on remedial work with a no obligation quote.  Usually this kind of work can done there and then offering you a rapid resolution to the problem and at a competitive price.

So to all you DIY rodders, happy hunting! Or just give us a call on 0333 323 4580,

"The Doctor will see you now"


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